SFB1035 Vortrag

Alexander Barnes trägt vor zum Thema "Dynamic nuclear polarization and electron decoupling with pulsed microwaves and magic angle spinning NMR at 4.2 Kelvin"[mehr]


SFB1035 Vortrag

Hartmut Oschkinat trägt vor zum Thema "Structural investigations by MAS solid-state NMR: Membrane proteins and biofilms"[mehr]


SFB1035 Vortrag

Flemming Hansen trägt vor zum Thema "Using protein side-chain dynamics to probe an enzymatic transition state and allosteric enzymatic regulation"[mehr]


SFB1035 Vortrag

Jens Meiler referiert über "Membrane protein structure prediction integrating limited experimental data"[mehr]


SFB1035 Vortrag

David Neuhaus trägt vor zum Thema "Structural basis of detection and signalling of DNA single-strand breaks by human PARP-1: an NMR-based mechanistic study"[mehr]


SFB1035 Vortrag

Steve Matthews trägt vor zum Thema "Structural basis of functional amyloid secretion by bacteria"[mehr]


SFB1035 Methods Series

Alexander Schneidereit trägt vor zum Thema "CRISPR-Cas9 is revolutionizing genome editing"[mehr]


Vortrag im Rahmen des Proteinwissenschaftlichen Kolloquiums Weihenstephan

Paolo Rovero trägt vor zum Thema "Serpin peptides as collagen turnover modulators"[mehr]

Retreat Report 2017

April 3rd – 5th, Haus Bergsee, Spitzingsee

This year’s annual SFB 1035 PhD and Post Doc retreat was held at Haus Bergsee located at Spitzingsee in the Bavarian Alps. The retreat once again gave room to meet fellow SFB members, discuss research topics and thus opened new opportunities for networking and strengthening collaborations. To enforce the latter, the program focused on internal talks. Each sub-project was represented by one talk, concentrating mainly on the methods used. Hence, old and new SFB 1035 members were not only informed about the progress made but also reminded of and introduced to the many methods we have access to within the SFB 1035.

During the internal poster sessions, held after dinner, discussions were affluent and even had to be cut short to keep schedule. It was nice to see that this opportunity to get into touch and learn about each other’s research projects was so eagerly used and fruitful.

Additionally, it was our pleasure to host three external speakers representing a variety of different career paths. Our first evening’s key note lecture was given by Dr. Alexander Pautsch, who is a scientist at Boehringer Ingelheim. His diverting presentation gave insight into the different steps necessary and the methods applied while developing a marketable drug from a lead compound. On our second evening, Professor Dr. Christian Griesinger from the MPI in Göttingen emphasized academia as possible career option by giving an overview over his research topics and developments in the field of NMR. It was great that both speakers could stay not only for their talks but joined us during our poster sessions and remained for further discussions as the evenings continued in an informal get together. A further highlight was set on our second day by Christian Schuler and his colleagues who joined us from “Simon Kucher & Partner”, the consultant company focusing on pricing, marketing and sales. It was very interesting to see where a scientist finds his place in this field run by mostly economists.

Unfortunately, the Tuesday afternoon walk to a nearby alm was drowned in rain and only a few bold hikers actually went there. However, the afternoon was easily filled with games and talking at the seminar house.

Overall, we look back at a very enlightening and profitable get together within our research community that greatly benefitted from all the contributions made by the participants.