SFB1035 Vortrag

Jeff Noel referiert zum Thema "Toward understanding the mechanochemical operation of the dynamin molecular motor"[mehr]


SFB1035 Vortrag

Anna Maria d'Ursi trägt vor zum Thema "Investigating interactions of small molecules with the beta-amyloid peptide"[mehr]


SFB1035 Vortrag

Joel Mackey trägt vor zum Thema "Mammalian gene transcription: structure, function and design"[mehr]


SFB1035 Vortrag

Maria R Conte referiert über "Insights into protein-RNA recognition from the La-related protein superfamily"[mehr]


SFB1035 Workshop Biophysical Methods

1 ½ day training course for doctoral students and postdocs by Frank Gabel (IBS, Grenoble) and Ralf Stehle (TUM)[mehr]


SFB1035 Methods Series

Alexander Schneidereit trägt vor zum Thema "CRISPR-Cas9 is revolutionizing genome editing"[mehr]

Retreat Report 2018

May 1st – 3rd, San Servolo, Venice

The annual SFB1035 PhD & PostDoc Retreat took place on San Servolo Island just outside Venice [mehr].

Retreat Report 2017

April 3rd – 5th, Haus Bergsee, Spitzingsee

This year’s annual SFB 1035 PhD and Post Doc retreat was held at Haus Bergsee located at Spitzingsee in the Bavarian Alps [mehr].